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Our company was founded by W. Sessel Waters in 1955. He started by selling rope, chain, and wheelbarrows to hardware stores in Ga., S.C., and northern Fla. In 1956, Sessel became the manufacturer's representative for Wells Band Saws. W. Sessel Waters & Associates still represents Wellsaw to this day (60+ years). This relationship allowed the family business to grow from selling supplies to more sophisticated products for eight manufacturers throughout the southeast.

Richard Waters continued to grow the business from Florida until relocating to Atlanta in 1982 following Sessel's retirement. Richard took the family business to higher levels of success. Utilizing his Spanish speaking ability, gained while playing soccer at Presbyterian College ('68), he was able to gain a foothold and thrive in Central and South America.

The business now run by third-generation owner, Stewart Waters. Stewart started in 2009 and became owner in 2013.

W.S. Waters & Associates
Manufacturers Representatives